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The Common EU Energy Policy and the Energy Security of Slovakia II

International conference on the energy security strategy of the SR in the context of the Common EU Energy Policy development.

Congress Hall of the MFA SR, Hlboká cesta 2, Bratislava
October 27 – 28, 2007

Walter Boltz, Chairman, Austrian Energy Regulatory Authority presentation
Andras Deak, Hungarian Institute of International Affairs
Stéphane Grit, Member of the Board of Directors, SPP – distribúcia, a.s.  presentation
Michail Gonchar, Director for Energy Programs, NOMOS Intellenergy Group presentation Jozef Holjenčík, Chairman of the Regulatory Council  presentation
Andrej Juris, Director of Strategy and Development, Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. presentation
Sergey L. Komlev, Head of Department Contract Structuring and Pricing, Gazprom Export  presentation
Ján Kolarčík, Director of Energy Strategy and Economy, US Steel Košice, s.r.o. presentation
Ján Klepáč, Executive Director, Slovak Gas and Oil Association  presentation
Igor Kucer, Head of the Permanent Working Group on External Energy Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the SR  presentation
Michal Kořan, Institute of International Relations, Prague
Anton Marcinčin, Country Economist for Slovakia, World Bank  presentation
Juraj Nociar, Director General for European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the SR
Blahoslav Němeček, Vice Chairman, Energy Regulatory Office of the Czech Republic  presentation
István Pataki, Vice President, Hungarian Energy Office  presentation
Ján Petrovič, Director General, Section of Energy, Ministry of Economy of the SR presentation
Paolo Ruzzini, Director General and Chairman of the Board, Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. presentation
Robert Spišák, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Enviral, a.s.
Alena Šalamonová, Manager for Regulation and Market Affairs, Slovenské elektrárne, a.s  presentation
Oleksandr Todiichuk, Adviser to the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine  prezentácia
Jean-Arnold Vinois, Head of Unit “Energy policy and security of supply”, European Commission - DG TREN  presentation
Bernd Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Directors, SPP, a.s. presentation
Wojciech Wróblewski, Senior Strategy Advisor, Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN s.a. presentation
Ernest Wyciszkiewicz, Polish Institute of International Affairs
Peter Žiga, State Secretary, Ministry of Economy of the SR

Download the conference agenda.
Analytical report from the first energy conference

Panel description

Panel 1 Security of Natural Gas and Oil Supply: the EU Policy and the Interests of Producing and Transit Countries:
The panel discussion will aim to examine the EU interest in ensuring a secure supply of hydrocarbon resources against the interests of producing and transit countries. Where does the EU stand when it comes to prospects for the Common External Energy Policy? Does the EU as a key consumer share a common understanding of energy security with the key producers and transit countries? What are the long term business strategies of the key producers/transit countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia? Do we need to develop a pan-European energy security architecture that would bring together the long term interests of relevant consumers, producers and transit countries? What is the role for the EU, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Slovakia in this context?

Panel 2 Energy Security Strategy for Slovakia: Relationship between External and Internal Factors :
The panel discussion will look at Slovakia’s interests vis-à-vis the EU energy policy, and the strategies of key producing and transit partners, including prospects for developing Slovakia’s domestic capacities to decrease external energy dependence. What has been done since the adoption of the Energy Security Strategy of Slovakia in 2007? What are Slovakia’s interests when it comes to the present projects of natural gas and oil supplies to the EU? Do renewable and non-hydrocarbon sources of energy represent a real alternative to the hydrocarbons? Which of these alternative sources are compatible with Slovakia’s resources and conditions?

Panel 3 Regulation Policy of the EU and its Member States:
The panel discussion will assess prospects for the further development of the common regulatory framework of network industries both in the EU and in its member states. What is the experience from the second liberalization package and what can we expect from the third one? What should be regulated on the EU level and what on the national one? Is there a need for a separate approach towards the regulation of natural gas market and the electricity market? What are the commonalities and differences between Slovakia and our EU neighbors in the area of regulation policy?

Panel 4 Regulation of the Internal Energy Market: a Policy for Slovakia:
The panel will address the present development of the regulation policy in Slovakia, including its legislative framework. What has been changed and why over the last two years? What is Slovakia’s position vis-à-vis the EU liberalization policy? What are the interests of market actors – suppliers and consumers? What needs to be done for the creation of a better corporate environment and for the strengthening of the competitiveness in the market and what should be the role of the state and the regulatory office?


The Common EU Energy Policy and the Energy Security of Slovakia I (November 14 – 15, 2007, Bratislava)
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Report "European energy and transport: Trends to 2030 – Update 2007"
EU ENERGY IN FIGURES 2007/2008 (Update, EEA June 2008)


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