SFPA - Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs


Scholarly activity of the RC SFPA is divided into the following five research programs:

European Studies

Senior researcher    Vladimír Bilčík, M. Phil, PhD.

Specialization    EU enlargement and institutional reforms; EU foreign and security policy; accession process and membership of the Slovak Republic in the EU; common and sector politics of the EU; education process.


International Security

Senior researcher    Ivo Samson, PhDr., PhD.

Specialization    NATO enlargement and transformation; security policy; fight against international terrorism; the Middle East, SR armed forces reform; arms trade; issuing of NATO documents in Slovak language; OSCE; information campaign on NATO and Slovak security position; public education; work with a public opinion analysis.


Central and Southeastern Europe

Senior researcher    Tomáš Strážay, Mgr.

Specialization    Slovak relations with neighbours; regional co-operation; Visegrad four; Balkan development; Slovak policy towards the Balkan countries and relations of the Slovak Republic towards this part of Europe.


Eastern Europe

Senior researcher    Alexander Duleba, PhDr., CSc.

Specialization    Slovak relations with Russia, Belorussia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS); domestic and foreign policy of the Eastern European countries, their relations with NATO, EU, OSCE and with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe; energy policy.


Economic policy and Development Aid

Senior researcher    Vladimír Benč, Ing.
Junior researcher    Peter Brezáni, Ing.

Specialization    Economic policies of the Slovak governements, the states of Visegrad cooperation and the members of EU, West Balkans, Ukraine and Russia; politics of regions and regional development on supranational as well as national level; cross-border co-operation; economic repercussions of globalization and economic effects of development co-operation; future of economic and cohesive politics of the EU; education and work with public.


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