IX. Central European Energy Conference

22. novembra 2015 - Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Bratislava

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EU Energy Policy and Energy Security of Central Europe IX

22 – 24 November 2015


The purpose of the series of the annual CEEC conferences is to evaluate and discuss topical issues of both energy policy and energy security in Central Europe in the context of the developing EU energy policy. The ambition of the CEEC conference is twofold: first, to bring together leading actors from the energy sector in the region of Central Europe, and second, to contribute to finding better solutions for the energy policy of the EU and the countries of Central Europe. The first annual CEEC conference was held in November 2007.

The aim of the 9th annual CEEC 2015 conference is to examine prospects for creating the Energy Union from the perspective of the Visegrad countries. Furthermore, the conference aims to assess the consequences of global energy trends on both energy security and economic competitiveness of the EU and, in particular, the region of Central Europe. It will pay special attention to the process of regional integration of gas markets, as well as market-coupling of electricity markets in the region; including prospects for the inclusion of the Balkan countries and Ukraine. In addition, it will examine expectations regarding the outcome of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, including implications it might have for the EU energy policy and energy system. Dinner sessions of the conference will also include other specific topics that are central to present developments in the energy sector of the EU and the region of Central Europe.

All information about CEEC 2015 is available at www.ceec.sk

Main topics

  • Panel I. Energy Union: headway and the V4 perspective
  • Panel II. World Energy Outlook 2015
  • Panel III. The 2015 Paris Climate Conference: expectations versus implications
  • Panel IV. Regional integration of gas markets and security of supply
  • Panel V. Regional market-coupling of electricity markets
  • Parallel event: Unlocking the potential of energy efficiency investments: a financial view

Dinner sessions

  • DS I. Energy Union: reviewing the role of ACER and the energy regulatory framework
  • DS II. Energy efficiency in Ukraine, Slovakia and the EU: challenges and opportunities for municipalities
  • DS III. LNG for Central Europe
  • DS IV. How to strengthen energy security? The role for nuclear power
  • DS V. Russian state-owned enterprises in natural gas and nuclear sector in Central and Eastern Europe

Video outputs:

Official opening by the President of the SR, Andrej Kiska.

Day I.

Day II.

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