25. októbra 2016 - Bratislava, Austria Trend Hotel (address: Vysoká 2A)

The forum serves as regular platform for extended bilateral consultations on topical issues of bilateral Slovak-Ukrainian relations with participation of governmental officials, representatives of public administrations, and expert, NGO and business communities from both countries. The mission of the forum is, first, to contribute to better understanding of national positions on issues relevant for bilateral relations and interaction, second, to deepen mutual understanding of both domestic and foreign policies of both countries, and third, to explore possibilities for better bilateral coordination on international arena. The forum aims, first, to evaluate the most current issues of bilateral cooperation, and second, to elaborate policy recommendations for governments of Slovakia and Ukraine. Sessions of the forum are held once a year alternatively in Ukraine and Slovakia. The agenda for the each session should include two major issues identified and agreed by NISS and RC SFPA in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of SR and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Program (PDF)