Gender equality plan

Gender equality plan

Our commitment

The Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA) is dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that prioritises gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. As a small organisation, we understand the importance of creating a working environment that respects and values the unique contributions of all employees. This Gender Equality Plan (GEP) outlines our commitment and roadmap to achieving a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

SFPA is committed to promoting gender equality as a fundamental value within our organisation. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace not only enhances our organisational culture but also improves our research, advocacy, and the execution of our projects. Through this plan, we aim to implement strategic actions to ensure gender equality is embedded in all aspects of our operations, from recruitment and professional development to decision-making processes and organisational culture.


The objectives of the SFPA Gender Equality Plan 2024-2026 are to:

  1. Enhance awareness and understanding of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion among all staff.
  2. Promote a healthy work-life balance for all employees.
  3. Achieve gender balance in leadership positions and decision-making processes.
  4. Foster gender equality in recruitment, retention, and career advancement.
  5. Integrate gender perspectives into SFPA’s research, events, and publications.
  6. Establish measures to prevent and address gender-based violence and harassment.
  7. Regularly monitor and evaluate the progress of gender equality initiatives.

Implementation Roadmap

Phase 1: Preparation and Assessment (July – September 2023)

  • conduct an initial assessment of current gender equality, diversity, and inclusion practices within SFPA
  • identify key areas for improvement and set baseline metrics for monitoring progress

Phase 2: Action Plan Development (October – December 2023)

  • develop targeted strategies and actions for each objective, assigning clear responsibilities and deadlines
  • ensure the involvement of all employees in the development process to foster ownership and commitment

Phase 3: Implementation (January 2024 – December 2025)

  • roll out the planned actions, with regular check-ins to ensure adherence to timelines and objectives
  • provide ongoing training and development opportunities focused on diversity, inclusion, and gender equality

Phase 4: Monitoring and Evaluation (Throughout the Plan and Final Review in January 2026)

  • implement a continuous monitoring process to assess progress against objectives
  • conduct a comprehensive review at the end of the plan period to evaluate successes, challenges, and areas for future improvement

Key Actions

  1. Awareness and training
    • Organise annual diversity and inclusion workshops for all staff.
    • Implement a series of lunch-and-learn sessions on gender equality and unconscious bias.
  2. Work-life balance
    • Keep suporting flexible working hours and the possibility of remote work to accommodate different needs.
    • Schedule regular team-building activities to support mental health and team cohesion.
  3. Leadership and decision-making
    • Aim for gender parity in leadership roles and decision-making bodies within SFPA.
    • Encourage female employees to take on leadership roles through mentorship and leadership training.
  4. Recruitment and career progression
    • Utilise inclusive language in job postings to attract a diverse pool of candidates.
    • Implement a transparent promotion process that emphasises merit and potential, ensuring equal opportunities for all.
  5. Research and events
    • Ensure that gender perspectives are integrated into all research projects and event panels.
    • Strive for gender balance among speakers and participants in all SFPA-hosted events.
  6. Prevention of gender-based violence
    • Develop and communicate a clear policy on preventing and addressing sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence.
    • Establish a confidential reporting and support mechanism for all staff.
  7. Monitoring and evaluation
    • Appoint a Gender Equality Officer to oversee the implementation and progress of the Gender Equality Plan.
    • Conduct annual surveys to gather feedback on the workplace environment and the effectiveness of the Gender Equality Plan.

Through the implementation of this Gender Equality Plan, we aim to not only meet but exceed our goals for gender equality within our organisation. We recognise that achieving gender equality is an ongoing process, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our practices and policies to support this important objective.