Women in Foreign Affairs

The role of women in foreign policy and diplomacy is often downplayed or unnoticed. Therefore, we aim to challenge gender stereotypes about the importance of women in these fields. We want to draw attention to the need to increase their representation, as well as the need to promote inclusion and diversity in state institutions. We […]

European Affairs

The European Affairs Research Program focuses on the EU institutions, European integration, the role and priorities of the EU Member States and EU’s external relations. It is also a platform for regular assessment of the state of the EU and of the Slovak European policy. The program participates in the preparation of bilateral forums and […]

Central Europe

The program focuses on two priority areas. The first focuses on Slovakia’s bilateral relations with neighboring countries – the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, as well as Austria. The second area concentrates on existing formats of regional cooperation in Central Europe, with the primary emphasis on the Visegrad Four.

Eastern Europe

The Eastern Europe program is focused on research of post-Soviet transformation and foreign policy of countries of Eastern Europe (Russian Federation and the Eastern Partnership countries), their interaction, cooperation and conflicts, bilateral relations of the Slovak Republic with these countries as well as relations of East European countries with the EU and NATO. Special attention […]

Western Balkans

The program has three pillars. The first is based on the analysis of the integration process of Western Balkan countries to the European Union. The second pillar focuses on regional cooperation in the Western Balkans. In the third pillar bilateral relations of Slovakia with individual countries of the region are analyzed.

International Security

The International Security Program deals with current issues of security in the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian space. The main priority of this program is the research in areas concerning national security of the Slovak Republic, perception of security threats and challenges and the status of the Slovak Republic in international organizations such as NATO, EU, OSCE […]

Development cooperation

The Development Cooperation program is a comprehensive and cross-sectional program focuses on research and analysis of regional policies (SR, V4, EU) and development at the supranational, national and regional levels, cross-border cooperation, development policy and its impacts/ effects on the policy of the Slovak Republic itself, as well as the V4 or EU countries, or […]

Energy Policy and Climate Change

The Energy Policy and Climate Change research program focuses on current issues of energy and climate policy in Slovakia and the region of Central Europe, especially in the context of the development of any EU policies. The program focuses on issues of energy security and energy transition and the challenges within the sector, such as […]